I earn a crust as a freelance web developer. I have a strong preference for Ruby based solutions, but have been known to work in PHP when asked. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and will travel or work remotely when necessary.

I have particular experience in supply chain solutions, the PDF specification, the book/publishing industry and character encodings.

Open sourced code make me happy. If I'm working for you I'll probably use a range of open source tools, and I'll encourage you to give back and release some of your code in the same way. Most open source code that I release is available on github.

I believe strongly in automated testing of my code and version control. I've also recently started to explore the value of code metrics to improve code quality. My version control system of choice is git however I speak fluent subversion as well.

In a past life I was a research assistant at the Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures at Swinburne Uni.

There's no point hiding

I tweet, share photos, listen to music, share links, share video, store code on github and post the odd non-tech rant to livejournal.


This Site

This site is statically compiled using the super flexible and powerful jekyll. There's a lot to be said about staying static where appropriate.

One downside is it makes comments difficult. It's a trade off I'm currently prepared to live with, comments via email are welcomed.